Driven Equation is a result of the work partnership in between Rafael and Helena.
As native Brazilians, they aim to diversify the film industry, while merging their skills to discover and support emerging filmmakers.


Helena Sardinha
Co-founder and creative producer

“The lens is an open conduit for my most intimate desires and beliefs that I share with the world”.

My connection with artistic expression traces back to my studies at the Bolshoi School in Brazil. Working with dance, circus, theater and music provided a channel to exploring and expanding my artistic assets. I then went on to study cinema in Brazil and at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, where I now reside. Having the experience of working as a creative director in a variety of mediums gave me the artistic vision I have today, as well as the understanding of art in all its forms, which I rely on to successfully bring creative projects to life.

Rafael Thomaseto
Co-founder and creative producer

"Driven Equation is the missing piece to my puzzle.”

From an early age, I was fascinated with the art craft of storytelling. As I grew older and left my hometown in Brazil to explore the world, I was exposed to many different cultures, languages and realities. In today’s world of communication, I believe film is a powerful platform to disseminate new content, reach its right audience and attempt to cause a positive impact.

Other collaborators

Olivia Chiesi

With years of experience in the Advertising and Film industry, Olivia Chiesi has provided quality work by attending her clients needs with sophistication and organization. She has worked in the team of executive producers at one of the major production companies in Brazil, Conspiração, and in the British advertising, marketing and public relations agency, Ogilvy. After spending some time living in Paris, Olivia is now based in Los Angeles as she builds her solid career as a talent agent and collaborator at Driven Equation.